Bern Advisory is a massive effort to give people intelligent, actionable guides for participating in their state caucus. We think the democratic nomination process should be transparent and easily understood.

And we need help from you — yes, you!

We're currently scaling up from a team of 1, and we will need LOTS of help to be a rousing success — please check out the opportunities below to get involved!

State Caucus Gurus

Who we're looking for: You are a true guru. You have caucused in the past, you've read the lengthy and arcane delegate selection plan for your state, and you know what it takes to win come caucus day. You've probably even hosted local caucus training events in your area. You are interested in helping newcomers have a successful precinct caucus and deliver your state for Bernie Sanders 2016, and you want to help the caucus veterans move up the delegate selection process.

What we need from you: We've got easy-to-use tools built to help you craft an informative, interactive experience for voters in your state. We need authors who know the in's and out's of statewide rules and can steer caucus goers to success.

How to get involved: Send me an email introducing yourself to Talk about your experience — have you hosted caucus training sessions or mock caucuses? Have you been selected as a national delegate? Anything else we should know about you?

Research and Data Collection

Who we're looking for: You are good at asking questions and getting answers on the Internet. Often times Google will have exactly what you're looking for — other times, you'll need to email government employees or members of the party to get what you're after. You're likely handy with Excel, or good at digging the right data and information out of Google.

What we need from you: You are the coal that makes this train roll. The data you dig up is what will onboard the Bern Advisory experience for millions of voters across the county. Your work has huge implications, and is incredibly important.

How to get involved: Send me an email introducing yourself to Talk about your experience with Excel and using web-based tools, and if there's any particular state (or facet of caucusing) that you're interested in contributing to.

Coding: Python / Django and JavaScript

Who we're looking for: You are an enterprising, Democracy hacker with a penchant for building digital tools for helping explain complex topics to experts and newbs alike. Maybe you've got some experience in civic-oriented hacking projects. Maybe you're already a card-carrying member of the world-famous Coders for Sanders collective.

What we need from you: We're looking for two skillsets:

  1. Python / Django We're building digital tools to guide people through the caucus in their state. If you're good with Python but new to Django, we'd love to have you! Get started on their excellent documentation and drop us a line. Experience with GeoDjango or any other GIS technology is a huge plus.
  2. JavaScript Everyone's favorite hipster language. We're building out calculators to help caucus-goers calculate the allocation of delegates at each level. You're sharp with math and, ideally, you're perfectly comfortable with Vanilla JS. document.querySelectorAll FTW.
We build on top of Django (on Python 2.7.x) with Postgres and GeoDjango via PostGIS. We make great use of Bootstrap and run everything on Heroku.

How to get involved: Send me an email introducing yourself to Tell us what you've built in the past and what you'd like to help with. GitHub profiles or links to your work / history are a big help.

Local Party Officials

Who we're looking for: You're an elected member (or highy involved in coordinating) in your local area, and you, friend, are Feelin' the Bern. Maybe you're a LD Chair, or a County Chair, or you sit on your organization's Executive Board, or maybe you're a Precinct Committee Officer. Either way, you are active in your local Democratic party.

What we need from you: As caucus locations start to get finalized, we want to give voters very specific, actionable directions, for where to go when their precinct caucus date comes up. You'll be using administrative tools we have built to assign caucus locations to specific precincts in your area.

How to get involved: Send me an email introducing yourself to Tell me about your involvement in your local legislative district or county. Familiarity with Excel and general tech-savvyness is a huge plus. Note: you don't need any programming knowledge at all, but you can use web-based tools easily and comfortably.

Not sure what to do?

That's OK, we're still figuring it out too. Reach out to us at and we'll find a way to put your enthusiasm to work.